Community Service

Help Our Trained Culinary Veterans Serve the Homeless

At Full Battle Rattle Deli, we, as veterans, believe that our service does not stop because we take off the uniform. As a Veteran, we still have a reasonability to not only serve our fellow Veterans, but serve our community as well. As noted in the *Veterans Creed, “We continue to serve our community, our county and our fellow Veterans.”

One way we can support our community is by using the culinary skills we have to contribute toward feeding the homeless and other Veterans in need in our community with freshly prepared meals by participants in Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans. In order to do so, we are asking for donations to pay for the food.

If you would like to help and donate to the cause, please click the Donate Now button.

In gratitude…

* The eight-point Veteran’s Creed is:

  1. I am an American Veteran
  2. I proudly served my country
  3. I live the values I learned in the military
  4. I continue to serve my community, my country and my fellow veterans
  5. I maintain my physical and mental discipline
  6. I continue to lead and improve
  7. I make a difference
  8. I honor and remember my fallen comrades

You can also donate through the website, which provides community support and veteran resources.

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