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We will not be going out the week of 4/6, but we will be taking online orders. Please, check out our "Order Online" section above for more details.

Give the gift of sandwiches and support Colorado Vets at the same time

* Please note that Tuesday’s schedule may change due to weather. Please check our Facebook page for updates.

How to Support FBRD

This past year, Michael Gropper started a business, Full Battle Rattle Deli, a food truck that, in his own words, is a “vehicle for change” and the nonprofit Culinary Arts Boot Camp. The goal is to teach and certify veterans for food industry skills through on the job training in the food truck and get jobs in the industry.

Mike has poured his heart, soul, and life savings into the truck. He is still going out there every day to feed the hungry at churches, shelters, hospitals. He needs the funds both to keep the truck operating and pay for his own living expenses.

As noted above, this is no ordinary food truck, but a food truck with a mission. To lose this social enterprise, as a result of COVID-19 would be a big loss to the veteran community and the needy of Denver as a whole. In the short time that we have been in operation, we have touched many lives, started to build a strong client base. We were on the path to making the Food Truck a viable business, and the culinary arts program had just begun. All this has changed dramatically due to the present situation.

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Upcoming Special Events

Bill Daniels Center
1247 Santa Fe Dr, Denver map →
Tuesday, December 31, 2019 | 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Supporting veterans one sandwich at a time!

The Food

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69th Infantry – aka Grilled Reuben

Meatballs, parmesan cheese, and marinara sauce in a hero roll.

The Wise Guy – aka meatball sandwich

roast beef sandwich

The Lord of Flatbush – aka Italian

Give the gift of sandwiches and support Colorado Vets at the same time

How to Support Our Vets

Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans, is working to solve the problem of homeless vets in our community through the culinary arts and veterans supporting veterans.

This is no ordinary culinary program; it is one that supports homeless veterans and those in transition with free culinary training and the camaraderie and fidelity of fellow veterans. Working together and knowing the unique needs and background of veterans have, we can support their success and reintegration into the community.

Find out more about how you can support us by visiting our nonprofit website.

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